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Meet the Team

James K
CEO, Founder

Cryptocurrency is a venture that I can fully endorse as it provides true freedom and accessibility to the world as a whole

Richard Manyk
COO, Founder

My team building and leadership experience help me to create a positive culture in the workplace.

Michael Vasger
CCO, Founder

I have years of experience in marketing/public relations and influencing within the crypto-sphere.

Kalen Dinar
CTIO, Founder

I believe in a world where we are able to access things equally and work together to bring dreams into reality.

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Stephen Paul
Front End Developer

I primarily help businesses to build systems and technologies for their growth.


James Newbury

I have placed 26th, 27th and 17th respectively, and in 2019 I placed 5th in the World CrossFit Games, earning the title of the 5th Fittest Man on Earth.

Ben Heller
Ben Heller

I believe in a world where everybody has equal access to sound money, and those who have the most influence and power are the ones who do the most good for humanity as a whole.


Robert McDonell

CEO of GainDAO, professional trader and market analyst, specializing in developing algorithmic trading strategies.

Jason Estepan
Jason Estepan

Jason Estepan is an entrepreneur and filmmaker with a mission to change the way brands connect with consumers.