Makr Starter

Invest WITH as little as $20 USD

What is Makr Starter?

Makr Starter is for individuals to get involved in exciting startup opportunities. Our transparent process is designed to make sure you know exactly what you’re backing, while providing valuable feedback on your investment choices.

Who are The Investors?

Everyday users

Angel investors

Venture Capitals


How to Get Whitelisted?

Investors can join preheat to get whitelisted and preheat allows you to invest in units. A certain amount of tokens or invesment is considered as a unit. For example 10usd investment is considered as one unit investment

What’s CoFund?

Projects which are eligible for funding by Venture Capitals and CoMakr.

Crowd Pooling

Users can invest in pools of various coins and Makr token to provide liquidity for project development. Project owners can lend money from these pools to develop their projects.