Get involved in exciting start-up opportunities for as little as $20.

What is Makr Starter?

MAKR STARTER is for individuals to get involved in exciting startup opportunities through a transparent process designed to make sure you know exactly what you’re backing while also allowing you to provide valuable feedback on your investment choices.

MAKR STARTER requires participants to deposit $20 USD to participate in any project.

Investors have an exciting opportunity to back a project at its earliest stage. Funds will be held in escrow until the project meets defined milestones. MAKR investors are protected with an escrow facility to ensure transparency and accountability for all parties.

If milestones are not met a refund will be issued to investors.

Who are The Investors?​


Angel investors​

Venture Capitals​


What’s CoFund?

COMAKR offers loans and angel funds with inadequate funding. Projects are funded based on merit and potential; which are determined by potential investors. The funding is done through a voting system.

Crowd Pooling

Users can lend to these pools of various coins and MAKR tokens to provide liquidity for project development. Project owners can borrow money from these pools to develop their projects.


Our mission, vision, values and team information.


Read more about how MAKR Tank works.

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