Makr Tank

Build With Strangers

What is Makr Tank?
It’s a place for freelancers and innovators to post their ideas and projects, and get feedback from the crowd. Makr Tank is like a half-way house where people can meet and collaborate on their ideas, find contributors and partners.
How Does It Work?

Codes will be kept on Github and the basic idea of the project will be presented to get feedback. Those involved will be given access to Github through smart contracts. The whole code will not be available to them, instead it will be based on contribution. If the contribution is adequate then the users will receive badges and become part of the project. Once enough people are involved, then the team can create a CoRoom to further the development of the project.

How to Connect with Others?
Projects which are posted here need to clarify what they need. Through this other users can interact with the project. This creates a social environment for project development.